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Microsoft software has become an integral part of most businesses across the world. Using the software to its potential allows uses to understand and perform activities, saving time and reducing stress.

Training is our passion and we consult corporate training companies, Sage, CBM and Speccon. We also offer cost affordable training to individuals and companies.

Thank you for making everyday work life so much easier with the excel course

Sasha Da Silva Valente 

I attended Meg McDonald’s Course yesterday for the one day Excel and WOW it was amazing! I have learnt so much in just one day!! If anyone wants to learn more of Excel, contact Meg!

Kirsten Blignaut

Think you know it all on Excel.. I dare you to try Custom Consulting Sa’s Excel course! 3 days is all you need for your mind to be blown. I promise you, you only use 10% of Excel at the moment. Thank you Meg for an amazing 3 days and all the knowledge you have given us!

Jordan Sparrow