About Us

Custom Consulting SA was created in June 2014 after working abroad. Meg had a passion for Excel and started with Sage Intelligence Report Writing across the Sage platforms. This led to the certification as a Microsoft Excel Trainer. Being able to upskill the business community with the ability to work timeously and efficiently with Microsoft. The business has grown to offering training across the Microsoft programs and more.

Microsoft software has become an integral part of most businesses across the world. Using the software to its potential allows uses to understand and perform activities, saving time and reducing stress.

Training is our passion and we consult ton corporate training companies, Sage, CBM and Speccon. We also offer cost affordable training to individuals and companies.

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Owner & Founder… Meg McDonald

Owner of Custom Consulting SA. Concentrating on Excel and Sage Intelligence training. Accredited Sage Intelligence Custom Report Writing across the Sage Product offering.

Twenty years management experience in business start-up and business development in the IT, hospitality and tourism sectors, specialising in Operations and Training. I enjoy connecting with others in a professional setting and excel at reading people, adjusting my approach to match individual styles. I have industry experience catering to both multinational clientele and employees and have a wide knowledge of understanding different cultures and customs. I have strong analytical and problem solving abilities and have been recognised for my ability to achieve outstanding results in the areas of customer relationship management and business development.